Auto Window Tinting Is a Good Upgrade for Your Car

Auto window tinting didn’t come with your car when you bought it? No problem. You can upgrade your vehicle easily and affordably, and it’s more than worth the cost.

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Auto window tinting is popular for several reasons.

Security and Safety

You pull into a parking lot to do some quick shopping. You lock the vehicle then make your way into the store. Your car is safe — after all, you locked it right?

Locks don’t stop thieves, not when they can easily smash your window with a heavy object and grab that backpack or computer bag left in plain sight in your back seat.

When you get your windows tinted, you’re helping to prevent crimes like this from happening. The most common reason people break into cars is because they see items of potential value they can pawn for a few quick bucks.

Make it so no one is able to see into the car, and you’ve removed all motivation for a potential thief. Your car and your belongings are safer.

Block Harmful UV Rays

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 53 percent of all skin cancers in America occur on the left side of the body — the side more often exposed to UV rays while driving. Auto window tinting can prevent up to 99 percent of all UV rays, keeping your skin protected during long road trips and short jaunts around town.

Preserve Your Investment and Add Value

Tinted windows automatically add resale value to your car because it is a desirable, high-end feature, but also because it helps preserve the overall worth of your vehicle by protecting upholstery from UV rays. Too much sun exposure can fade fabric and crack leather, making your car look older than it actually is, but tinted windows keep it looking and feeling just like new.

Conserve Energy and Save Money

A tinted window blocks solar heat as well. When your car’s interior is cooler, you’re more comfortable, and so is your air conditioning system. Since it doesn’t have to work as hard to get your car to the desired temperature, you use less gas. Less gas means more money in your pocket.

Make Sure to Focus on Quality

There is a big difference between a low-quality finish and a superior one. When you work with Laketown Speed and Sound, you are guaranteed to find the perfect window tint to fit your vehicle and your preferences. It will last for years and provide the maximum protection – just what you’re looking for.

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