Backup Camera Installation Goes 360º

If you’re considering backup camera installation in your car, truck or SUV, you have plenty of options to choose from. But, if you hope to get the maximum safety and convenience from this rapidly advancing technology, you might want to consider installing a 360º all-around camera system.

Soon, all new vehicles will be required to have backup cameras installed at the factory. But, currently, all-around camera systems are generally limited to higher-end vehicles. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy a luxury vehicle to enjoy the many benefits of this innovative technology.

Backup camera installation Draper UT

What are All-Around 360º Backup Cameras?

You’re likely already familiar with standard backup camera systems, which give you a clear view of what’s behind you using backward-facing cameras that display a dynamic image on an in-dash video screen or a rearview mirror display.

An all-around system shows you so much more, including virtually anything out of your field of vision while behind the wheel. Many of these systems include proximity sensors and the ability to alert you, using visual and audio signals or both, of potential hazards and obstructions.

Many of these systems include a dynamic gridline display that can guide you through tricky parking and backup situations, lane changes and negotiating through tight spaces.

Benefits of Installing a 360º Backup Camera System

By expanding your field of vision and eliminating blind spots, rear-facing cameras help you avoid obstacles that could sustain damage or that could damage your vehicle. More important, these systems help you avoid collisions with other vehicles and prevent potentially devastating backover incidents involving people and pets.

When you add an all-around camera system, you can better avoid colliding with other vehicles while changing lanes. You can also navigate through tight spaces without scraping your vehicle or coming into contact with other cars or obstacles.

Some systems use mind-blowing technology to provide you with an overhead, bird’s eye view of your vehicle that makes parking and other tricky navigation seem as easy as playing a video game.

Can You Install an All-Around Backup Camera in Your Car?

With multiple options available for aftermarket automotive upgrades of all types, a backup camera can be installed in virtually any vehicle.

The most basic models can be mounted in your car’s rear bumper. To achieve the all-around view, you have the option of installing a combination rearview and dashcam as well as individual cameras and sensors in your side-view mirrors. Dashcams can help out in many ways, especially with fleet management, companies such as Lytx can provide a dashcam software that will protect the drivers and others, this is why dashcams are beneficial from private to commercial use.

You can select from a variety of enhanced safety features and choose how you want to display your camera views, with some options even available for your smartphone.

Whatever auto upgrades you’re in the market for, Laketown Speed and Sound has the brands and options to fit your budget. Our experienced team understands how important it is to keep you and your passengers as safe as possible on the road. Visit our Draper UT car audio and upgrade shop today to learn more about having backup camera installation for your vehicle.