Body Lift Kits & Other Suspension Upgrades

Suspension and body lift kits are the perfect automotive upgrades for anyone who enjoys off-roading – or if you simply want to customize the look of your truck or SUV.

To determine what type of suspension upgrade is right for you, start by considering your goals and your budget. Finding an automotive performance upgrade expert to help you will ensure that you get the results you want at a price that won’t break the bank.

Lift kit installation in Draper UT

Suspension Lift Kits vs. Body Lift Kits

Although body lifts and suspension lifts create results that can appear much the same, that’s where the similarities end.

As the name suggests, body lift kits are designed to lift your vehicle’s body as much as 3” while leaving the frame unaffected. This upgrade gives your vehicle the appearance of having been lifted with less hassle and cost than a suspension lift. It also allows you to upgrade to slightly larger wheels and tires but doesn’t have a profound effect on the way your truck handles or performs.

A suspension lift kit elevates the entire chassis of the vehicle – body and frame. You will notice a significant difference in how your vehicle handles (on and off the road) and, depending on how much life you want, you can upgrade to significantly larger wheels and tires. This upgrade costs more than a body lift but the results will be a beefier stance and customized appearance.

Why Add a Suspension or Body Lift Kit to Your Vehicle?

Body lift kits are typically done for more aesthetic reasons, like being able to upgrade to larger wheels. It’s ideal, too, if you simply want to increase the height of your ride. You can also use this type of suspension upgrade to level the factory stance of your pickup – which typically are designed with a slightly elevated bed and lower front end.

You may want to choose a suspension lift if you want to take on more challenging off-road conditions, as this increases the ground clearance of your vehicle and allows you to scale larger objects and climb steeper hills. This is also the upgrade to select if you want to improve the way your truck, jeep or SUV handles and performs off-road.

Choosing a Utah Automotive Performance Upgrade Professional

Upgrading your vehicles body or suspension isn’t complex or costly. However, these automotive upgrades should be left to professionals who understand the implications and safety factors involved. Otherwise, you could experience a variety of problems. At best, you might not get the results you envisioned. At worst, you could experience expensive damage to your or even void the manufacturer’s warranty.

In northern Utah, Laketown Speed and Sound is the automotive performance upgrade expert you can trust for installing lift kits, leveling kits and lowering kits. We are based in Draper but we assist customers from throughout the Salt Lake City metro area and all along the Wasatch Front. Contact us today to learn more about how our expert team can help you achieve your body lifting and suspension upgrade goals.