Building Your Dream Car Audio System: It’s Not All About Volume

Your ideal car audio system doesn’t have to be just a dream — it can become a reality, but you have to focus on more than just upping the volume in your car. Your vehicle has to have a balanced, powerful sound, and that doesn’t happen with a basic speaker upgrade. It takes a renovation of the entire car audio system.

car audio system

After years of creating sound systems that wow, we’ve compiled a list of the main ways to put together a superior vehicle audio arrangement.

Amplifiers Are Essential

Start with the amplifier. You may think the terrible sound quality you have now is due to the car’s low-quality stock speakers, and you may be right, but that’s not the whole story. The car’s amplifier is what powers the entire audio system.

Adding an aftermarket amplifier gives your vehicle’s sound more volume, but without sacrificing quality. You will hear small details in the music you never noticed before. It’s a crystal clear sound that will be drastically different, no matter the volume.

Sound Deadening Can Help

Many times, you can’t hear the main problems with a car’s audio when it’s parked. But on the highway, the deafening road noise compromises your listening experience. Invest in sound deadening and you’ll be able to upgrade your car’s exhaust without worrying about how it will affect your audio system.

Yes, You Do Need New Speakers

While speakers won’t resolve the root problems in a car audio system, they can make a big difference as part of a whole-system upgrade. Aftermarket speakers provide a bigger frequency range and are a major improvement over the subpar stock options that come with vehicles straight from the manufacturer.

Add a Subwoofer to Enhance the Experience

Even the best speakers can’t always reach the lowest notes, but that’s what a subwoofer is for. Subwoofers offer a rich, deep sound that allows you to feel the music as well as hear it.

Sound File Quality Affects Output Too

Creating a high-end car audio system is about more than volume, and it’s about more than the vehicle itself. Sometimes a major quality upgrade comes when you stop streaming low-bit music files and start pulling from high-quality data sources. There is only so much your system can do with low-quality music, so make sure your files are top-notch to get the most out of your system.

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