Car Security and Avoiding Risks of a Stolen Vehicle, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the simplest tips out there for preventing your vehicle from being stolen. On top of a viable, robust alarm system, there are several techniques you can follow that will limit the risk of car thieves even considering your vehicle.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we’re here to help. In addition to our primary car stereo installations and window tinting services, we also offer a wide array of vehicle security options, from quality alarm systems to areas like keyless entry, remote start and power locking solutions. In today’s part two, we’ll go over a few additional themes or solutions you might consider if vehicle theft prevention is a major theme for you.

car security avoiding stolen vehicle

Physical Anti-Theft Device

There are several such devices out there, from the locking steering wheel to a hidden “kill switch” that will disable the car’s ignition if it’s accessed with anything but the proper key. It’s important to note, however, that these devices serve as much as a deterrent to thieves as an actual theft prevention device.

This is because many car thieves, at least the professional ones, often know how to bypass these systems. However, simply having one that’s visible within your vehicle shows a potential thief that you take your vehicle’s security seriously – they are more likely to assume you have a robust alarm system and other security features installed, and are therefore less likely to target your vehicle.

Valuables in the Vehicle

Even if you have a good alarm system and tinted windows, it’s still possible that thieves may see valuable items in your car and view it as a greater target for this reason. If a potential thief thinks they can add some value to a theft through the items left in the car, they’re more likely to narrow in on that vehicle compared to others.

If you must keep valuables in the car, keep them in hidden and, if possible, locked areas. The trunk is the best option here in most cases.

GPS Recovery

Finally, while this isn’t actually a technology specifically designed to prevent car theft, it can be a last resort in cases where your car is actually stolen. Many vehicles have GPS systems automatically installed, and in many cases there is an ability to use this GPS to locate a stolen vehicle and attempt to recover it.

However, like with the anti-theft devices we noted above, many experienced car thieves will know how to disable such a system once they’ve stolen the car. This is why a great alarm system and other precautions are so important – so you never get to this point.

For more on automotive security, or to learn about any of our stereo or other services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.