Custom Audio Installations Save Time and Money

Why go to a pro specializing in custom audio installations if you can tackle your car audio upgrade project on your own?

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Maybe you’ve watched a few videos online and you think you’re prepared for the project. You don’t want to have to wait until you can make an appointment with a professional — you want l that high-end stereo installed now, and you think you might save yourself a few bucks doing it yourself.

Surprisingly, car audio installs can be much harder than you might guess. While you might think you’re saving yourself time and money, it may be the reverse. A do-it-yourself approach could end up costing more and may take longer if you need to have a professional fix your work.

Opt for custom audio installations when you’re looking to enhance your vehicle’s sound system. Here’s why:

Car Audio Work Requires Proper Tools

Maybe you remember your dad changing out the old car stereo for a new one a decade or two ago, and he probably completed the job in an afternoon, or maybe even an hour. Today, due to the major complexity of modern vehicles, custom audio installations are more necessary than before.

Some vehicles require specialized tools to remove the dashboard. If you try to take the dashboard apart yourself, you could easily break essential components that you’ll have to pay to replace.

Also, there are special tools to test the sound quality of a system once it’s installed, and foregoing this step could leave you with a subpar final result.

You Could Damage Your Car

Besides potentially breaking the dashboard, you could cause real, significant damage to your car once you’re in the dash, working with the wires. Vehicles today depend heavily on their computer systems, and vehicle computers cost serious money to replace.

All it takes is one incorrect connection or misplaced wire, and you could have an expensive problem on your hands. You could easily ruin the vehicle’s camera, Wi-Fi capabilities, navigation system or lights. And no insurance company will cover damage to a vehicle caused by amateur installation of an aftermarket product. If you trust a professional for custom audio installation in the first place, you can avoid this risk altogether.

Professionals Know How to Utilize Vehicle Space

Investing in professional custom audio installation is worth it, especially when you finally hear your system at the end. Professionals have the experience from working on hundreds, maybe even thousands of vehicles, some of the same make and model as yours. They know how to properly place speakers and subwoofers within the available space in your car to produce the best quality sound possible.

Depend on Laketown Speed and Sound, the car audio experts you can trust to provide custom audio installations for vehicles of any make and model, delivering final results that will surpass your expectations.