Get Custom Boat Audio for a Fun-Filled Summer

Have you been thinking about upgrading your boat audio system?

There’s no better time of year to enhance your boat’s music-playing abilities than when it’s hot and the sun is shining. You can turn your boat into summer party central with just a few changes to its audio system.


Personalize Your Entertainment

The main reason to upgrade your boat’s sound? You get to add your own custom touch. Instead of relying on the radio for background entertainment, you can get a Bluetooth-capable system with CD inputs or satellite radio — all features designed to put you in charge of song selection. It’s your boat — you should have complete control of the music.

You’ll Have Less to Carry

Maybe you’ve been toting along your portable Bluetooth speaker because of the lack of quality and features in your boat’s sound system. Leave your external speakers and charging cords at home. With custom boat audio, you’ll have less to carry when you’re loading up for a day on the water.

Quality Boat Audio Has 3 Ingredients

When you are searching for an audio company that has your best interests in mind, make sure they understand that quality marine sound systems have three central components that have to be top-notch in order for you to notice a stark difference and get the most for your money: a source unit, speakers and power.

First, upgrading the source unit involves selecting the radio that has the features you want, whether that includes Bluetooth, satellite, a CD changer, AUX inputs or AM/FM channels.

Next, replace those stock boat speakers with top-tier products. Professional speaker installation is worth it, because experienced technicians know how to place speakers so you get a complete, balanced sound.

Finally, make sure you have the right power rating for your amplifier so you can be sure to get the volume you need, even when you’re cruising at high speeds.

Make Durability a Primary Factor

The specific characteristics of your custom marine sound system will vary based on your preferences and the size of your boat, but make sure durability is a prime feature. Your boat audio system has to stand up to wind and waves, so it has to be tough.

Your ultimate goal should be to invest in an audio system that delivers clarity and sustained quality over time — a long-lasting system that you can enjoy for many summers to come.

Trust Laketown Speed and Sound to deliver. When you trust professionals to take stock of your list of wants, design a custom system and expertly install your boat audio, you’re going to love the final result. Call today for more information on boat audio installation and learn about your options.