How to Make Your Boat Audio Better Than Last Summer

Is your boat audio lackluster compared to some of the killer systems you’ve experienced on a friend or neighbor’s boat?

How to Make Your Boat Audio Better Than Last Summer

Besides making the mechanical updates needed to keep your boat fast, and making the aesthetic updates to restore the sleekness after the winter, it’s time to address your boat audio. Music is key to fun on the water, and we can help you identify the areas where more work is needed to get a fuller, more complete sound.

Problems You Face

When your boat’s audio is tinny, weak and distorted, you don’t even want turn on the tunes. Low-quality sound is sometimes worse than no sound at all. You’d rather listen on your headphones or keep it silent. But where’s the fun in that?

Maybe your boat audio used to work well, but it just couldn’t hold up to the strong UV rays or salty waves. Regardless of the specific problem you’re facing, how can you make your audio experience better?

Upgrade #1: Think About the System as a Whole

Many boat owners make the mistake of only upgrading the speakers. This is a major misstep. You cannot upgrade just one component and get a whole new sound. You need to think about what’s behind the speakers too — where the power is coming from. A new amplifier, a quality receiver, a subwoofer — these are just a few of the components you should also upgrade or add, if they aren’t a part of your system already.

Upgrade #2: Connectivity Is a Priority

The second way to quickly upgrade your boat’s audio is by making it more convenient to use. This means bringing an outdated system into the modern age with Bluetooth connectivity and fast connections. When you can quickly sync your boat audio to your phone or turn on satellite radio, it’s easier to listen to the tunes you love!

Upgrade #3: The Logistics

Finally, consider the environment. All boat audio components should be highly resistant to corrosion. You can get marine-grade speakers that stand the test of time, even in the saltiest waters, and we can help you position them so you don’t worry as much about wear and tear, from either water or sunshine.

Get a Better Sound

Overall, it takes a professional’s experience to build boat audio to best your previous sound, and we can help. Bring in your boat and we will fully assess your audio and give you specific recommendations on how to make it better. Laketown Speed and Sound can help you improve your day on the water — come in today!