Installing a Remote Car Starter? Don’t Make These Mistakes.

A remote car starter is the ultimate convenience. Get your car cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter without setting foot outside. Some models even let you turn on the rear defrost or activate your heated seats too.


In your excitement to add this system to your car, you don’t want to accidentally make rookie mistakes.

Mistake #1: Buying the Cheapest Available Model

With a remote car starter, “you get what you pay for” rings true. You can’t expect the cheapest option to be the most durable or offer all of the features you’re looking for. And if you’re investing in this service for your car, don’t you want to spend your money on a product that actually works?

A remote car starter should have a significant distance range. It should come with more than one remote and it should have a warranty. Opting for the cheapest product may not provide the performance you’re looking for.

Mistake #2: Trying to Install It Without Experience

It’s not impossible to install one of these systems on your own, but if you don’t have the training and experience in vehicle wiring, you could not only ruin the product, but damage your car as well. You run the risk of hurting the computer system or detonating the air bag – two expensive repairs you’d rather avoid.

Unless you have the skill and the knowledge to work on your car’s electrical system, it will be better if you find a professional team like an auto repair garage to take care of the project – they’ll complete the job quickly and correctly.

Mistake #3: Choosing an Install Professional Based on Price Alone

When you call different companies and read reviews, your instinct may be to work with the team that offers the lowest price. Cost is definitely a major factor that will contribute to your final decision, but don’t automatically accept the lowest bid without looking at the company’s certifications.

It takes considerable time spent studying in order to fully understand how vehicle wiring works. Look at past customer reviews to ensure that the company has a history of installing these systems successfully. Ask about their training and any official industry certifications they have, and you’ll be confident you’re paying a professional and not an amateur to install your remote car starter.

Mistake #4: Paying for an Installation with No Warranty or Guarantee

Finally, don’t ever pay for installation service unless the company offers a guarantee for their work, and don’t purchase a product without a warranty. Make sure you read the fine print on all paperwork so you know exactly what’s covered in terms of labor and parts.

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