Installing Bluetooth in Your Car: 6 Reasons It’s Worth It

Installing Bluetooth is the first step in modernizing your vehicle.

Today, Bluetooth technology is typically standard in all newer models. But if you have a classic car or an older model, you can still get Bluetooth. Installing Bluetooth is affordable and can be done quickly at a professional audio enhancement shop.

installing bluetooth

Here is why installing Bluetooth is worth it, whether you spend 10 minutes or 10 hours in the car every day:

No More Cords

This might be reason enough for drivers focused on organization and cleanliness. How many times has that audio input cord gotten wrapped around your seatbelt?

Extra cords can be frustrating, but with Bluetooth, you no longer need to be plugged in to turn on the tunes stored on your smartphone. You can simply sync with Bluetooth and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Listen to What You Want, When You Want

Speaking of audio input, installing Bluetooth allows you to cancel that premium radio subscription without any regret. Just download your podcasts and playlists to your mobile device – you’re in control of what plays on your car speakers and when.

Answer That Text Without Pulling Over

It’s obvious that installing Bluetooth helps you make phone calls without taking your hands off the wheel, but think about the advantages when it comes to texting.

Instead of waiting until you can park somewhere to answer an urgent text, you can use your smartphone’s voice control and verbally dictate what you want to say. It will keep you safe and connected.

Don’t Get Lost

Bluetooth lets you program your device with directions to your destination, then focus fully on the road ahead. No more holding your smartphone and navigating distractedly with only one hand on the wheel. You will get to where you need to be on time without any threat to your safety.

Get Information When You Need It

If your smartphone is equipped with Siri or a similar voice-control program, you can tell your phone to supply you with information as you drive. You can look up local restaurants, check movie times and more. Just because you’re driving doesn’t mean you have to stay uninformed – Bluetooth technology can help.

Make Your Passengers Love You

Sync anyone’s phone in an instant. Bluetooth isn’t limited to one type of phone or one phone per car. If your friends want you to hear their new favorite songs, they can quickly pair their phones to your vehicle. Passengers will appreciate this modern convenience that makes their lives easier.

Are you ready to upgrade your car? It’s time to call and get a free quote. Installing Bluetooth is a cinch when you trust Laketown Speed and Sound, Utah’s premier audio design specialists.