Jeep Customization: What You Need to Know

Customization is one of the first tasks on a new Jeep owner’s to-do list. You want to outfit your ride with all the right equipment, ensuring it’s durable enough to handle your weekend off-road outings.

jeep customization

What exactly do you need to know about some of the most popular Jeep customization projects?

Lift Kit Upgrades

One of the first Jeep customizations owners go for is an upgrade to the lift kit. Raising the suspension gives you greater clearance and more off-roading capability. But this type of project isn’t as straightforward as you think, and it’s not something an amateur mechanic should undertake in their home garage. Why?

First of all, a medium or high lift means you’re going to need larger tires. You also may need a new drive shaft, new gears, springs, shocks, wheel spacers, longer brake lines and more. While not all of these parts are expensive, they must be installed correctly, or you could have major problems.

Once the parts are installed, the Jeep should be tested before you take it out of the garage, whether you’re venturing on- or off-road.

Engine Tuning Gives You More Power

You already have one of the best off-road engines on the market if you’ve purchased a 2016 Jeep Wrangler. The Pentastar V6 engine has a 280 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque output, but you don’t have to settle. Like all other aspects of your Jeep, you can find an upgrade for nearly every feature, and that includes the engine.

When you get professional engine tuning, you can tweak the performance output even more, enough to achieve an additional 25 horsepower or more. It’s a minor cost with a major benefit that could make your trail experience that much more intense.

Add Heavy-Duty Bumpers and Winches

Adding a solid bumper to the front of your Jeep will help you take on rough trails without fear of exterior damage. You can find bumper kits that have a winch plate included, which is another helpful addition, especially for those who like to off-road and commonly find themselves in mud pits and ravines.

Many other exterior Jeep customization products — such as skid plates and rock rails — can help you give the vehicle your own personal stamp as well as protect your undercarriage from rocky trails.

Don’t Make Hasty Decisions

When you’re considering a Jeep customization, talk to a professional about all the changes you want to make, and consider the extent of each project on your wish list. At Laketown Speed and Sound, we can give you price quotes for all the changes you have in mind. Our affordable, professional services can help you create your dream car.