Keeping Your Car Audio Equipment Safe from Theft

Even in this age of advanced technology and security, thieves continue to target car audio equipment.

Having your car stereo stolen can be costly in several ways. Not only do you lose your investment in an automotive audio upgrade, but thieves rarely care how much damage they do to your vehicle as they hurry to get away with their spoils before getting caught. You’ll have to spend time reporting the crime and making an insurance claim, which will likely cause your premium to increase. Your carrier could even choose not to provide coverage when your policy renewal date rolls around.

Today, the Laketown Speed and Sound team have some pro tips for avoiding theft and damage to your vehicle.

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Simple & Cost-Effective Ways to Avoid Car Audio Theft

You can start by using some commonsense techniques to safeguard your vehicle and its contents – including your car audio equipment.

Although it might sound obvious, keep your vehicle locked at all times, even when it’s parked at your home and inside the garage. Because time is of the essence when it comes to criminal activity, thieves tend to prefer the low-hanging fruit. As a result, they may move on in search of unlocked vehicles to plunder, if they can’t access yours right away.

Also take care about where you park and leave your vehicle unattended. In parking lots and garages, look for well-lit areas with lots of other cars around. Thieves tend to target those cars parked in dark, remote locations, as they have a better chance of breaking in undetected.

Finally, don’t leave anything of value within plain view through your car windows. Stow your belongings in the trunk, console, glove box or under the seats.

Window Tinting Helps Provide Vehicle Security

The problem with visibility is that, in most cases, you can’t exactly hide your car audio equipment from view by placing it in the trunk or under the seats.

One way to make it less obvious that you’ve got a high-quality head unit or upgraded car speakers is to get your car windows tinted. Although it may not totally obscure a would-be thief’s view into your vehicle, it might be enough to slow them down or draw attention. Choosing shatterproof automotive window tint will also make it more difficult to break the glass itself.

Not to mention, professional window tinting keeps your vehicle cooler and helps reduce the damage that UV rays can cause to your car’s interior.

Consider an Automotive Security System to Prevent Car Stereo Theft

Installing a state-of-the-art automotive security system is the best way to protect your car from all types of criminal activity, including vehicle theft.

Today’s car alarm systems offer a wide variety of high-tech solutions for preventing theft and break-ins. In addition to the loud alarm that will sound if someone forcefully gains access to your vehicle, you can choose an alarm system with remote alerts. This means you’ll be alerted on your smartphone or tablet if someone tries to break in or steal your car audio system.

In Draper, Utah, Laketown Speed and Sound can help you with all types of car stereo upgrades, window tinting and automotive security systems. Our experienced installers can also recommend other ways to secure your amp, speakers and receiver, to give you the best chance of avoiding the theft of your car audio system. Contact us today to learn more.