Leave Tint to the Pros: Draper Laws and Tint Quality

While there are certain themes in our lives where some of us will be able to perform a do-it-yourself (DIY) job without spending money on professional service, there are also other areas where these attempts are not a great idea. And you can take it directly from longtime professionals in the industry: Vehicle window tinting is a service that falls into the latter category. 

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we’re happy to offer a wide range of window tinting services for any Draper vehicle — and we’re also here to advise strongly against attempting this sort of project on your own, or with the assistance of any non-professional entity. While that friend of yours who knows a bit about cars may claim to have expertise in window tinting, there are likely several areas he or she will not be aware of. This two-part blog series will go over all the reasons why sticking with licensed professionals for vehicle window tint is the way to go.

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Local Tint Laws

Did you know that most states and even many cities have specific laws on window tint? It’s true, and this is one major area where amateur window tinting often falls short. You can be pulled over and given a ticket if your window tint is too dark, but this is one area professionals help you avoid entirely. We know all the local limits in terms of window tint for any window on your vehicle, and we’ll bring you the darkest tint allowable without risking legal issues.

Higher Quality

Another simple reason to stick with professionals for window tint installation: The quality is simply superior. While a lot of people out there do install window tinting, it’s likely not something they do regularly. They may only be working to get a little extra cash on the side, or even doing it for their own vehicle and selling their services to others for quick money.

As opposed to professionals who make this an area of specialization, these amateurs may not have the same level of training they need to make sure all your windows are tinted perfectly. This can lead to windows that look uneven, and even some areas which are faint and don’t offer the requisite level of protection.

Warranty Backing

Same goes for the warranty. While it may sound like a small thing, vehicle window tinting is something that should come with some sort of guaranteed backing, especially when you’re spending your hard-earned money and time on such a project.

When you work with our Draper experts to complete your car window tint installation — or if you plan to work with any specialists for this sort of service — look for a company that will have you covered in the event your tint fades, scratches or begins to peel away at any point. With a DIY installation, you get no such insurance.

For more on why it pays to work with professionals for your car’s window tinting needs, or to learn about any of our Draper car audio, window tinting or other services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.