Motorcycle Audio Will Enhance Your Weekend Ride

A motorcycle audio system isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity for riders who love their tunes almost as much as their bike.

motorcycle audio

You listen to music while mowing your lawn, fixing your car and entertaining your guests. Why not keep the music going when you hop on your bike for a long weekend ride?

Entertainment for the Road

Modern motorcycle audio systems will surprise you. You don’t have to depend on the radio to deliver one of your favorite songs. You can easily find a system that has Bluetooth connectivity. That makes it possible to connect your iPod or smartphone so you can control the playlist. You can pick and choose the songs that fit your mood.

Additional Features Are Included

Motorcycle audio systems aren’t just about the music. Bluetooth-capable systems allow for an easier time navigating an unfamiliar area. You can connect your phone’s GPS and listen for cues for your next turn.

No more looking down at your phone and putting yourself in danger. Stress less and keep your attention focused on the road ahead.

Add Value to Your Bike

Motorcycle audio systems improve your bike’s resale value. You can plan to enjoy the system, but if you decide to get a new motorcycle one day, you will get top dollar from a buyer that’s looking for little upgrades that make a big difference in the riding experience.

Also, if you plan to enter your bike into any contests, you’ll get a higher score when you invest in quality upgrades like an audio system.

Custom Design Your Motorcycle Audio System

You get to pick and choose from a wide variety of styles and system quality levels. It’s possible to mount speakers on handlebars or install them in saddlebags or on the dashboard. You could choose all of the above for a complete listening experience.

Why Professional Installation Matters

You could purchase a kit and attempt the installation project yourself, but watch out: Motorcycle audio installations can be a lot more complex than you think. The wiring has to be able to stand the test of time, rough-riding and weather.

On top of the technical expertise required for installation, you need audio design ability to style a system correctly for the ultimate riding experience. From choosing the right amplifier to adjusting balance, trust a professional audio engineer to enhance acoustics and build a quality system for your bike.

With high-quality products, a plentiful selection of systems and top-notch skills, Laketown Speed and Sound is Utah’s premier installer of professional motorcycle audio systems — call today for a quote.