OEM or Aftermarket Parts: What’s the Difference?

Deciding between OEM or aftermarket parts isn’t the easiest decision. But with a qualified installer on your side like Laketown Speed and Sound, you don’t have to worry that you’re compromising value or performance if you go the aftermarket route.

First, it’s important to understand the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts.

OEM or Aftermarket Parts

When OEM Makes Sense

OEM means “original equipment manufacturer.” It’s the type of part that your vehicle manufacturer originally put in your car. OEM parts are the better decision when you’re making repairs after an accident and your car is still under warranty.

If you bring it to a dealership for repairs, you can expect OEM parts to be installed.

Aftermarket Means You Save Money

Aftermarket parts are produced by a company other than your vehicle’s manufacturer. Normally, you’d think it’s better for you and your vehicle to use OEM parts only, but you’d be surprised – aftermarket parts often perform better than OEM parts. Why?

Since car manufacturers are usually solely interested in keeping the cost of their vehicles low, they may not invest in the best materials for essential parts. Aftermarket companies often analyze why OEM parts fail, and they design parts after the fact that will work better and last longer. Best of all, they usually cost less but that obviously depends on what you’re looking for out of your car, some drivers like to browse sites such as Czok and others to find performance aftermarket parts to heavily increase the power their car can manage and output.

Not only do you get a part that functions better, you’ll have to repair it less frequently, and that saves you money.

Sometimes, Aftermarket Is the Only Way to Go

Choosing between OEM or aftermarket parts can be challenging in some cases when the value and performance are similar. But in other cases, such as with a car’s sound system, aftermarket outperforms. High-end car manufacturers’ stock sound systems are slowly closing the gap, but with aftermarket parts, you can pick and choose the features you most desire. Aftermarket gives you control!

Trust Laketown Speed and Sound for Your Vehicle Upgrades

No matter what, Laketown Speed and Sound considers quality the most important factor when deciding between OEM or aftermarket parts. We guarantee that every vehicle upgrade our team handles is built with high-performance components.

Whether you’re upgrading your vehicle’s sound system or tuning your engine for speed, we provide the best aftermarket options. Call or visit us today to learn more about what we do and most importantly, what we can do for you.