Post-Window Tinting Care Areas to Keep in Mind

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we take pride in offering window tinting services that hold more than just cosmetic value. While a window tint will absolutely improve your vehicle’s aesthetics, it will also benefit you in terms of safety, privacy and even protection from potentially harmful UV rays.

They also look great, of course, and we understand that many of our clients want to get out there and strut their newly tinted windows as soon as possible. This is just fine – as long as you pay attention to just a few basic post-tinting care areas, most of which are related to the adhesive used to hold the window film in place, which need time to dry after the process is finished. Let’s go over a few basic tips here to ensure you don’t accidentally scrape or remove any of this film from the windows before it settles in permanently.

window tinting care areas

General Drying

Generally speaking, you want to give the window film some time to dry before you do anything that might damage it. This often just means leaving the vehicle out in the Utah sun for a day or two, though this depends on the season: You’ll only need 24 to 48 during the hot summer, but the wait time might be a bit longer during the winter months or cloudy periods of time.

If you aren’t sure here, ask our pros well in advance. We’ll be happy to let you know how long you should allow curing and drying for before assuming that your tint is now permanent.

Moisture and Car Washes

During the drying period, we generally recommend avoiding the car wash. While tinted window film is applied inside the vehicle, not outside it, it’s important to note that washing the windows can add enough condensed moisture to slow or even stop the drying process, meaning you’ll just have to wait longer for drying once you’re done.

Be Patient With Bubbles

One vital note here: Any bubbles that show up in your window tint in the immediate aftermath are not the same as air bubbles from a cheap window film commonly found in previous generations. Rather, they are likely to be caused by moisture, and will evaporate within a few days as the curing process continues. Expect these for a few days and do not worry about them.

Rolling Down Windows

We also generally recommend keeping your windows rolled up during the curing period to keep the film in as good a shape as possible. When this process is finished, you’re fine to open and close windows as needed.

For more on caring for your window tint in the days following the process, or to learn about any of our window tinting or car audio installation services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.