Prepare to Go Off-Roading with These 5 Vehicle Updates

Off-roading gives you the power to push the limits. You can reach places you’ve never been — places most people wouldn’t dare to go. You build friendships. You develop the quick thinking and skillful handling needed to navigate the most desolate trail.

offroading vehicle updates

If off-roading is your passion, think of preparation as the key to tackling the trails with precision. There aren’t any cars you can purchase off the lot that are ready to handle what the wild has in store. You have to soup up your ride beforehand. How?

1. Boost Your Suspension

The fun of off-roading evaporates quickly when you bust a hole in your oil pan because your vehicle is too low to the ground. It’s time to raise your ride!

You don’t have to pump up your suspension to an over-the-top level, you just need enough clearance to traverse boulders, stumps and any other obstacles on the trails you frequent.

2. Upgrade Your Tires

For the most part, the tires that are issued with your vehicle aren’t worth much when it comes to off-roading, especially if they’re street tires. They’ll puncture within the first few minutes out on the trail.

You need tires meant for muddy terrain, with deep treads and thick sidewalls. Since you already upgraded your suspension, you’ll be able to get tires that demand respect.

3. Add Protective Bumpers

Upgrade your bumpers and get protective steel guards. They’re heavy and they’ll take away from your fuel efficiency, but they’re worth it. You worry less about body and engine damage when you have heavy-duty front and rear protection. They also add to the off-roading style of your vehicle.

4. Install a Winch

With a heavy-duty bumper designed for off-roading in place, you’ll be able to install a winch too, since many of the aftermarket bumpers are specifically geared for towing.

If you’re experienced with off-roading, you know that getting stuck is inevitable. You just have to make sure you have the right equipment to get yourself out of a jam when you need to, and that’s where a winch comes in handy. It’s essential, if you’re serious about taking your ride off pavement.

5. Elevate Your Air Intake

A high-mounted air intake remedies the problem of water in the engine. Water in the engine can cause hydrolocking. Since water isn’t compressible, the connecting rods that try to push the pistons up are damaged. This can happen even if you drive through a relatively shallow puddle. Make sure your air intake is elevated beforehand to avoid engine damage.

Come to Laketown Speed and Sound when you’re preparing for off-roading season. We help you outfit your vehicle so you’re ready to explore the Utah wilderness.