Remote Car Starters Keep You Snug in Winter

A remote car starter makes your winter morning much more pleasant. Instead of climbing into an icy cavern, jump into your toasty cabin. Driving to work or school isn’t much fun, especially in subzero weather, but this device can remove some of the chill.


How Does It Work?

A remote car starter allows you to start your car from the safety and comfort of your home. To accomplish this, a module is connected to the ignition, starter, power and brakes and synced with a separate key fob. When you press the key fob button, a coded radio signal goes to the module, and the ignition starts the car without the key.

Usually, these aftermarket systems are professionally hard-wired into the car’s electrical system, and may also come with a remote lock feature, a security system or a backup camera.

Increase Your Comfort

Avoiding extreme heat and freezing cold are two of the main motivating factors for vehicle owners considering installing one of these devices. As long as you remember to hit the button on your key fob, your car will be comfortably cool or warm by the time you’re ready to go.
Also, it’s better for your car to let your engine warm up, especially if it’s been sitting in freezing temperatures all night long. Both you and your vehicle’s engine will be much happier.

Make Your Car Safer

If your car is parked in your driveway, ice and snow pile up on the windshield and make getting on the road that much more difficult. You have to chip and scrape away the precipitation before you’re ready to drive. If you don’t, it impacts your ability to see other cars. Also, ice and snow could fly off at high speeds and hit other vehicles, potentially causing an accident. A snowy or icy windshield is a major hazard, posing a risk to you, your passengers and other cars on the roadway.

A remote car starter heats the interior, melting ice and snow faster. It gives you a clearer view and improves safety.

Add to Vehicle Value

If your vehicle didn’t come with a remote car starter, you can upgrade your current model. Many drivers are focusing more on this feature, so much so that manufacturers are beginning to include it in the standard packages of newer models. By adding this feature, you will regain some of the cost if you sell or trade in your car.

Ready to warm up? Contact Laketown Speed and Sound and schedule a remote car starter installation today, before winter’s over, and make your morning commute more tolerable.