Remote Start System Purchase Errors to Avoid, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basic tips on avoiding mistakes while purchasing a remote start system for your vehicle. While these systems are excellent auto security and convenience upgrades for many vehicles, there are several errors that are possible during the purchasing or installation process that might cause you to get much less out of your remote start system than you pay for.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we’re here to help you avoid these mistakes. Our wide array of automotive security systems includes several remote start options, and these are all in addition to our high-quality car stereo and window tinting services. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over a few additional areas to keep a close eye on here, including a few feature-related themes and one that touches on the location of your purchase and installation.

remote start system purchase errors

Poor Remote Range

For many buyers, the range of a remote start system will be one of the single most important features. This is particularly true for those who work or live in situations where they have to park a significant distance away on a regular basis – in such cases, it’s very important you purchase a model that has the proper range for you.

All remote starter packages will list the basic device range information, and this is something you should not gloss over.

Improper Features

As we’ve touched on in this series, remote vehicle starter systems come with a variety of potential features for convenience and safety. Some are very simple, featuring just the ignition on/off capability, while others connect with several distinct areas of your vehicle. Such areas, and some basic tips on them, include:

  • Keyless entry: Be aware that for many new vehicles, factory keyless entry formats do not function while the car runs. Luckily, a remote starter that includes keyless entry will solve this problem, allowing you to unlock your vehicle while it runs.
  • Trunk release: Especially valuable for those who often carry things to and from the car or don’t have their hands available at all times, this is a feature you simply have to remember to ask about.
  • Heated seats: Often available with remote start systems so you can be comfortable as you enter the vehicle.
  • Window defrosts: As we noted in part one, the biggest mistake for any of these items is assuming they’re present without checking – if you want a feature, confirm it before purchasing.

Differing Purchase and Installation Locations

Finally, one of the biggest installation-related mistakes you can make with a remote start system is buying it from one shop, then having it installed in another. Many shops won’t even perform such an installation, and those that do are often second-rate facilities. Purchasing and installing at the same location is the ideal way to ensure you receive the proper services, plus future assistance with the system if needed.

For more on avoiding errors when purchasing a remote start system for your vehicle, or to learn about any of our car audio upgrades or other services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.