Rideshare Vehicle Features: Tint, Dash Cam, Lighting

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the most common vehicle accessories or aftermarket parts often considered by rideshare drivers with companies like Uber or Lyft. These drivers operate in a unique space that often requires a few different common elements in the vehicle, whether we’re talking about customer convenience or items that will help maintain or protect your vehicle.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we’re here to offer a huge range of aftermarket parts and vehicle accessories, ranging from window tinting through car audio and numerous other areas. What are a few of the other most common products or accessories Lyft and Uber drivers tend to ask us about for their vehicles, and why should you consider them if you’re entering this field? Here are several options to consider.

rideshare vehicle tint lighting

Window Tint

For those who want to make their ride experience more luxurious, especially such as drivers for programs like Uber Black that are targeted at business-class clients, one option to consider closely is window tint. Tinted windows offer a comfort perk for those riding in your back seat, allowing them privacy and protection from UV rays while bringing more of a “VIP” experience. And when you combine this with the way window tint protects your vehicle’s interior, especially if you have leather seats, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone here.

Dash Camera

One vital component for rideshare drivers, both for customer protection and their own, is installation of a dash camera. First and foremost, this camera will keep you, the driver, safe in case anything goes wrong – if there’s an accident caused by another driver, for instance, your dash cam will record this and protect you during any litigation.

On the flip side, this camera also records the inside of the vehicle. This protects customers against any attempted theft or other risks, plus keeps you protected from any false harassment or other accusations that clients may try to levy against you if they were unsatisfied with their ride.

LED Lights

And if you really want to make your ride memorable for those who enter your vehicle, you might consider a pure entertainment element like LED lights for the interior. These help your car stand out from others customers have been in, giving them a positive impression of you and showing that you care enough about the job to go the extra mile. They’re also sometimes helpful during the evening when clients are more likely to lose objects like phones or wallets in your car. For more on the aftermarket accessories or features you might consider for your rideshare vehicle, or to learn about any of our car audio or other services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.