Utah Summer Window Tint Benefits: Heat, Glare, Aesthetics

As those who have had tinted vehicle windows for some time are already well aware, they carry numerous benefits throughout the year. However, especially in a hot state like Utah, there are certain parts of the calendar where window tint might be even more beneficial, and the hot summer is typically the best example here.

At Laketown Speed and Sound, we’re here to offer window tinting services for a huge range of vehicles, in addition to our car audio and other automotive performance solutions we offer throughout Utah. What are some of the specific benefits that car owners see from window tint during the summer part of the year? This two-part blog series will go over several areas to keep in mind.

summer window tint benefits

Staying Cool

One of the most well-known positives of window tint in any area where the temperatures get high is the way they help the vehicle stay cool. The first method here is by reducing how much heat is in the air within your vehicle, which happens through the massive reduction of UV rays that make it through a properly tinted window.

However, that’s not even the full extent of it. When your car’s windows are tinted, the sun’s rays are not able to make the same kind of impact on your surfaces, particularly leather seats for those who have them. Instead of sitting down on scorching hot seats that might even burn your bare skin in the hottest parts of summer, tint will allow you to sit down on seats that are at a normal temperature. And of course, all of this reduces how much gas you burn while running your car’s AC unit through the hot Utah summer.

Glare and Damage Reduction

Glare is often an issue for drivers, and particularly so during the longer days we find during summer. However, tinted windows remove glare from several angles, making your driving experience safer – especially if you’re driving during the late part of the evening while the sun is setting, often the most dangerous time for glare.

In addition, tint reduces glare-related damage. UV rays can damage interior car materials, from leather to upholstery and many others, but these are blocked by proper tint.

Secondary Aesthetic Considerations

For many, the primary draw of window tint is the way it improves their car’s style. Most are only thinking about the darker shades here, though, and aren’t even considering a secondary benefit: These darker hues help conceal dirt, smudges, spots and other cleaning concerns. Even if you haven’t had time to wash the car in weeks, it will still look great in tinted areas.

For more on the benefits of summer window tint in Utah, or to learn about any of our car audio or other automotive services, speak to the staff at Laketown Speed and Sound today.