What Makes a Great Car Audio System?

When you’re upgrading your car audio system, what specific features should you look for to produce a quality, superior sound?

car audio system

A first-class car audio system has five important characteristics and you shouldn’t settle for less.

Sufficient Amplification

The amplifier is one of the most important components of a vehicle audio system. If the amplifier isn’t good quality, the sound will be distorted at high volumes. It doesn’t matter if you have top-of-the-line speakers — if you have an insufficient amplifier, the sound won’t measure up.

Wide-Range Speakers

Factory-grade speakers that come with most cars are made with cheap materials. They’re designed to function, but not to deliver the best quality sound.

Investing in a speaker upgrade will vastly improve your audio, especially if you focus on finding speakers with a wide range of sound, from high frequencies to low bass.

Separate Subwoofer

Another way to enhance vehicle audio is to install a separate subwoofer speaker. Even the best quality speakers aren’t equipped to fully transmit a deep bass. A separate subwoofer delivers a frequency range that will transform your audio experience. You won’t just listen — you’ll feel the music.

Smartphone Integration

A modern vehicle sound system should be easy to sync to your phone. The head unit should have a USB port — this allows your smartphone to charge during playback. An aux input is another convenient feature because it lets you connect to nearly every type of music player. And Bluetooth integration is essential because of the convenience of wireless sync technology.

Sleek and Functional Head Unit

When you’re upgrading the main receiver, you should like the look of your investment. Make sure it has a display that’s easy to see so you can quickly read the face, so your eyes are off the road for less time. Even better, try to find a system that responds to voice commands to increase your safety. And choose a system with controls that are functional and intuitive — it means less of a learning curve after installation.

Pre-Installation Testing

Before you invest in a new car audio system, it’s a good idea to try out each component. Be aware that the sound you’ll experience in a large showroom is slightly different than what you’ll hear in the smaller confines of your vehicle.

The best decision you’ll make is to also invest in professional audio installation. Don’t purchase a whole new system only to have it sound off balance. When you trust audio engineers with experience, they fine-tune each component to ensure you’re getting the best possible result for your money.

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