Window Tinting Is an Ideal Vehicle Update

It’s the perfect time of year for window tinting, and Laketown Speed and Sound offers custom tint services for your car, truck or SUV.

It’s common for vehicle owners to look at this upgrade as a visual enhancement only — until they find out about the great benefits that come along with the cosmetic improvement.

What are they?

window tinting

1. Improve Privacy

It’s not that you’re not friendly, it’s just that you’d rather that strangers couldn’t see who’s in your car. Keep your passengers, like your kids, away from prying eyes. It’s relaxing to feel a sense of privacy when you climb into a car, and when you add tint, you add comfort for your passengers.

2. Enhance Security

When you lock your car doors and walk away, window tinting maintains that privacy even while your vehicle is empty. If thieves can’t see valuables in your back seat or trunk, they are less likely to break in.

3. Reduce Exposure to Harmful UV Rays

Too much UV-ray exposure can harm your skin and potentially cause cancer. Plus, you’ll get quite an uneven tan on a long car trip. Tinting reduces the amount of UV rays that enter the car by up to 99 percent, protecting your health.

4. Protect Your Car’s Upholstery

UV rays can damage a vehicle’s interior as well as your skin. Keep your fabric or leather seats looking as good as new. Reduce fading, warping and cracking and preserve the value of your car.

5. Stay Cool in Summer Heat

With fewer UV rays heating up the cabin, you’ll feel cooler and you will hear fewer complaints from passengers. No more hot, stuffy road trips.

6. Improve Gas Mileage

When your car’s cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard, you won’t have to pay as much at the pump. It can give your gas mileage a boost and help extend the miles between fill-ups.

What You Should Know About Utah’s Window Tint Laws

Just so you know — in Utah only a slight tint is allowed on front driver and passenger side doors. They must let in at least 43% of the light. But any shade of tint can be used on back side windows and rear windows.

Window tinting is an investment, and there’s no better team to trust than Laketown Speed and Sound. We deliver all these benefits when we expertly handle installation, giving you results and improving the value of your vehicle. Call us today to get a free quote and set up your service appointment.