Your ATV Audio System Needs an Upgrade

Don’t settle for a stock ATV audio system — you deserve an upgrade. Think about the hours you’re about to spend out on the trails. Do you really want to listen to music via a subpar ATV audio system the entire time? You love your hobby enough to get your own ATV — why not customize it to make it truly enjoyable?

atv audio system

Upgrading ATV Audio Is More Complicated than Car Audio

One major fact you should know before you jump into upgrading your ATV audio system: It’s a lot different than upgrading your regular vehicle’s sound system. With a car, there’s plenty of space to put the add-ons you need to create a well-rounded sound. With an ATV, there isn’t. You have to get creative, and you can’t add too much weight, or you’ll affect performance.

With a car, the audio system is protected from the elements. With an ATV, it isn’t. You have to contend with dust, mud and water, plus the constant jostling and bumping when the ATV is scaling the next trail.

Take a look at the tips below before you make any upgrades on your own.

Marine-Grade Parts Are Necessary

Maybe you don’t normally drive on trails with any bodies of water, but don’t assume your ATV audio system will stay dry. It’s essential to purchase marine-grade, waterproof parts so you can be sure your investment is safe.

You May Need More Power

Your ATV engine is loud. Maybe it drowns out your current system, and that’s one of your motivations for upgrading.

One of the first changes to make is to the overall power of the ATV audio system. In order to make sure you can hear your music loud and clear, start by upgrading the amplifier. It’s probably smart to add an extra battery to your ATV as well, just to make sure the main battery isn’t drained while you’re out on the trails.

Bluetooth Connectivity Makes Your Life Easier

One of the most convenient upgrades you can invest in is Bluetooth connectivity. You won’t have to worry about loading your music — just bring along a Bluetooth device like an iPod or smartphone. It makes it easy to control your playlist and hear what you want while you’re out on your ATV for the day.

Professional Mounting Is Key

Regardless of whether you’re ready to make ATV audio upgrades on your own, it’s best to invest in professional mounting for all add-on equipment. From the rumbling of the engine to the bumping from a rocky trail, your extra speakers can easily shake loose if they aren’t mounted professionally.

Wondering where to go to get professional ATV audio upgrade service at an affordable price? Laketown Speed and Sound is here to help. Call today to get a free quote and set up your appointment!